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President Greetings

Since the birth of our business, we have consistently provided services that meet our costumers’ demands and expectations, striving for our costumers’ satisfaction with us as their “Service Provider”.  For that purpose, we have also created our international network, which now consists of over ten locally-incorporated companies around the world, including a representative office, and developed a variety of enhanced services based on the fundamental functions―“Information, Procurement, and Logistics”.

Through our constant creative ingenuity, we will continue to grasp accurately our costumers’ needs that are getting more and more sophisticated and varied. In order to realize that, we will keep acting quickly, further evolving into the future.

We appreciate your keeping an eye on the course that Fuji Trading newly pursues.

M. Ono, President
Fuji Trading Co., Ltd.


Fuji Trading, A unique global marine service provider

Fuji Trading aims to be the market leader in its fields with emphasis on future developments in both business and contribution to the industry and society.

We have been extending our service bases from the birthplace in Japan to locations around the globe so as to provide customers with unrivalled services wherever and whenever they are needed.

By globally extending our bases, we aim to be more deeply committed to the industries and pursue upgrading of respective services, leading to further innovative developments in the future.

All the staff of Fuji Trading are well trained and dedicated to serving customers with a ‘Can do, Will do’ attitude. 

Our dedication to the industries will ensure the Fuji Trading name is the one our customers and staff can be proud to be associated with.


More than 500 staff members at Fuji Trading group companies worldwide are sharing our mission under the flag of Fuji Trading.