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Takashina have developed uniquely superior immersion suits available in international market. Under witness by a Lloyd's Register, TK-007S, TK-007SE, and TK-007IN have acquired MED Certificates. Of these three models, TK-007S and TK-007SE are approved to "Inherently Buoyant Insulated Immersion Suit" performance requirements. Some flag administrations require Lifejackets to be worn conjunction with immersion suit. For such requirement, TK-007IN is the best solution for you.

And the compatible lifejacket for TK-007IN is TK-006A which you can find in our product catalogue. TK-006A is the new Lifejacket to meet with latest SOLAS 2010 requirement. TK-007IN immersion suits and TK-006A lifejacket have been tested satisfactory in combination.

Portable Test kit is also available to have on board inspection.

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