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Fuji Trading in China

Along with a rapidly growing Chinese economy, the number of new building ships, vessels calling at Chinese ports and taking repair docks at Chinese shipyards has sharply been increasing in recent years.

To meet demands from customers, Fuji Trading has set up two service depots in China, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Now our customers can enjoy the same quality service in China as other Fuji Trading Group companies provide in the rest of the world.





Fuji Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
6F, Longzhu Plaza
2123 Pudong Ave.
Shanghai 200135, China
Tel +86-21-6853-8813
Fax +86-21-5821-1257
E-Mail: ftzstores@fujitrading.net
E-Mail: ftzrepair@fujitrading.net





Dashun Marine Supply Co., Ltd.
In conjunction with
Fuji Trading Group of Companies (Dashun Fuji in short)
Warehouse 18A in Dongjiaotou Port
Shekou, Shenzhen 518067, China
Tel +86-755-2688-6402
Fax +86-755-2688-6404
E-Mail: dashunhk@163.com
E-Mail: info@dashunfuji.com

Major Ports In China

To view an interactive map of the major ports in China please select the map or click here >