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[Attention] Please beware of Fake Emails

We have recently been reported that somebody is sending fake, phishing and spoof emails from an email address of our group company FUJI HORIGUCHI ENGINEERING PTE.,LTD.

[Sample of fake e-mail]
From: FUJI TRADING (info@fujifhe.com)
Subject: RE: Shipping Documents(CI,BL,INV&PKL)
Sender: Hideaki Yuki

When you have received similar to above e-mail, please delete it from your computer and do not open the attached file nor click on the link contained in the message.
If you suspect that you have received a fake email, please directly call to the person in charge.
(Please do not to call to the number written in the fake e-mail)


Exhibited at "IMPA Exhibition 2018"

We exhibited at International Maritime exhibition "IMPA Exhibition 2018" held in London, UK, from September 11th to 12th.


Exhibited at "SMM 2018"

We exhibited at International Maritime exhibition "SMM 2018" held in Hamburg, Germany, from September 4th to 7th.


Exhibited at "Posidonia 2018"

We exhibited at International Maritime exhibition "Posidonia 2018" held in Athens, Greece, from June 4th to 8th.


Establishment of Joint Venture in U.S.A., Houston

With our partner, Gulf States Marine Supplies, Inc., we established a joint venture named "GSM-FUJI, LLC" in Houston as of June 1st 2018.
Addition to conventional demands, GSM-FUJI will provide high quality services by offering ship stores supply and maintenance service for vessels carrying shale gas and chemicals, etc, which are exported from Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

[Company name] GSM-FUJI, LLC
[Address] 6602 Supply Row Houston, Texas 77011, USA
[Tel] +1-713-921-2255
[E-Mail] info@gsm-fuji.com


Removal Notice (Shanghai Office)

We are pleased to announce that our Shanghai office and the Shanghai office of Fuji Transport Systems have relocated the new Office to below address as of today, 21st May.

[ew address]
Room302-B, #201 Xin Jinqiano Road,
Shanghai, China, 201206


The 65th anniversary of foundation

We have celebrated the 65th anniversary of our company's foundation in Aso, Kumamoto.


Exhibited at "OTC2018"

We exhibited at International Maritime exhibition "OTC(Offshore Technology Conference) 2018" held in Houston, U.S.A., from April 30th to May 3rd.


Exhibited at "Sea Japan 2018"

We exhibited at the biggest domestic International Maritime exhibition "Sea Japan 2018" held at Tokyo Big Sight, from April 11th to 13th.


Exhibited at "Supermarket Trade Show"

We exhibited at "Supermarket Trade Show" held at Tokyo Big Sight from February 14th to 16th and we introduced our new items.

YOKOHAMA | 3-9-3, Shinyamashita, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0801, Japan
KOBE | 6, Fukaehamamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 658-0023, Japan

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