About Us

About Us

Message from the President

Yu Fukada, President & CEO

Since the birth of our business, we have consistently provided services that meet our costomers' demands and expectations, striving for our costomers' satisfaction with us as their "Service Provider".

For that purpose, we have also created our international network, which now consists of over ten locally-incorporated companies around the world, including a representative office, and developed a variety of enhanced services based on the fundamental functions - "Information, Procurement, and Logistics".

In the Marine business, we have constructed a system that is able to provide our services anywhere and anytime through our global network, trying to anticipate our costomers' needs.

To our great pleasure, we have received high evaluations from our costomers around the world, for our maintaining higher level of services in pursuit of supporting the safe operation of ships and sharing the severe cost-consciousness in the marine industry.

In the Import & Sales business, we have imported liquors and foods from all over the world to provide them to the domestic market. In addition, introducing the world's food culture to our domestic market.

Through our constant creative ingenuity, we will contribute to grasp accurately our costomers' needs that are getting more and more sophisticated and varied. In order to realize that, we will keep acting quickly, further evolving into the future.

We appreciate your keeping an eye on the course that Fuji Trading newly pursues.

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