Our Business

Our Business

From Change to Evolution Evolving into a Service Provider For the World Market

Marine Logistics Headquarters

Fuji Trading's history parallels the history of shipping.
For over half a century we have been steadily building up various marine-related businesses including our conventional supply business.

Recently, we have been making inroads into a wider range of services, such as construction of ship-shore communication systems to link ships with their counterparts on shore, and supply of machinery & equipment and its spare parts to overseas plants.

Import & Sales Headquarters

Built up on the marine business that the company has been involved in ever since the foundation, Import & Sales Headquarters has had the aim to build up trading business with broader and better functions and strength.
This division is in the front line of Fuji Trading that is now at the stage for a new leap forward, shifting from "Change" to "Evolution". With its information stations based on our 10 locally incorporated companies and offices overseas as well as its own procurement network covering 30 countries, Import & Sales Headquarters makes analysis and selections of the massive amount of data collected every day to procure from around the world such products and services that meet requirements of the Japanese market. This is the Import & Sales Headquarters' basic approach.

「What is Next for the Customers?」 With this keyword in mind, Fuji Trading will continue to guarantee your satisfaction.
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